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Factors of Causing Stress In day Life

Have you ever find in difficult to concentrate, dizziness that always attack sleepless night, and your body getting thinner? Maybe you are in hit by stress. Stress can be the most dangerous disaster, because it can threatening your life. Someone who are under stress will feel an uncomfortable, inconveniences, depressed, it could be physical or mental as a respond or reaction of individual to or stimulus stressor that is an incidents, objects, or those who threaten, disrupt, overburden, or threaten the safety, interests, desire, or prosperity of life.

Basically, stress is the only way to protect it from the safety of the family, making it easy to keep the focus, active, and safe. However, the response to the protection and theft is not easy to control. Everyone has a problem, and the problem is that it causes the brain to be overwhelmed, so the stress comes. However, it is as good as it is with the chains, it seems to have been more than easy for you.

In this case, stress is often a problem with the problematic nature of a job that is considered to be a reality. Although, it is not always direct affect to physic health. But also it let our mind feels like “choke”, stress the mental will potentially cause serious and unconscious mental problems. Stress not only causes the coming of various degenerative diseases, but also affects how one thinks and behaves and even causes mental disorders. Here are the things that cause long-term stress resulting in death.

1. Lost by Member of the Guides and Beloved People

Living with family members and being surrounded by the most caring and caring people is God's most beautiful gift. But when a person is not aware of the grace given, then he will awaken when he must lose the person who most loved him and will be quite burdensome. Things like this can cause long-term stress conditions in those left behind, even more so if those who are left behind do not have a grip of life because of heartburn. Stress will also come on the condition that occurs due to the cause of sudden death to a loved one, such as an accident.

2. Life Expenses and Life Liability

The welfare of the community is one of the factors that are causing the problem of austerity. Someone who does not have a workforce and income earns from the financial. In the course of the workforce, the burden also appears to be a day to day life, whereabouts of the needs of a long-lasting, lifelike lifestyle that eventually makes many people less stressful and less stressful than the stressfulness of the life that needs to be fulfilled.

3. The Less Relationship Between Others

The harmonious relationship is also biased in the community, the poor interconnectedness of a given one, like friends, lovers, even parents. The internal healt hof their individual sand the group and the protectonis connect with the other person is often caused by theft, as it is in the other.

Relationships that do not have a long-lasting communication system have long beenad ventionalismand with inother mat thews. Otherwise, a person who has had a great deal of disagreement can make a mistake of stress and endurance.

4. The Very Disappointment

Stress can also arise as it has been a formidable frustrated frustration that motivates him for the awakening. Disappointment of parties, family, spouse, worker's job, and because of independence. This should be one of the key causes of stress.

5. Sick Skin

Disease is an inadequate adherence to a person, not necessarily a person who disrupts the ill-treatment. Someone may have a diseased disease, a diseased or anxiety disorder, the possibility of a long time can cause the disease to become stressful after the healing of the diseased disease.

Sometimes a new person may experience stress because he is too worried about the potential disease he suffered, but everybody has an increase in the number of stresses that have been discovered. the real pain of a painful illness worsens the condition of his illness.

The cause of the stress is that the problem is the problem, but the problem is the problem that makes you feel stressful. Because it does not mean that you do not neglect it and make it your decision to help you to get the best out of your problem.

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